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You Email Service is Buggy!

Email remains the centerpiece of doing business in today’s world. An unreliable email service is the worst nightmare of any business resulting in missed opportunities in new businesses, dissatisfied customers, and uninformed leadership.


If your business is using a typical cheap and buggy email service that comes bundled with standard web-hosting services, it is most likely that you are suffering from the various problems
that accompany such services.

Should Email be expensive?

Typical high-end email services such as Microsoft (O365) or Google (workspace) cost in the range of $6/mailbox/month and upwards. This becomes quickly a very costly item for the average business in Pakistan. Plus, you have to pay via credit cards online, and your business faces some documentation and compliance challenges such as missed sales tax, etc.

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About NxN Pakistan

NxN Pakistan is a hyper-scale CSP delivery service. Along with hyper-scale infrastructure from the best CSPs such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, NxN Pakistan brings you a wide range of cloud-first services in multiple domains such as storage, security, communication, analytics, and identity management.

At NxN, we understand that the Internet and software solutions are gauged by the value they deliver to the customers’ business. With our local roots, we know the customers’ pains and we work tirelessly to remove the same to allow your business to attain its full potential.