Our people are the difference that defines us.

Current Openings

Why NxN?

We believe that the quality of work-life in today’s time should be the primary concern of every employee and a top priority for the employer. Work-life balance is a thing of past. With the digital wave, the two have become inseparable. Our answer to this challenge is a porous time-wall that allows you to keep in touch with life while at work and with work while not at work.


The Process

At NxN, our selection process is short and crisp. If you are short listed for any of the applied role, you will receive a human call. We will do an in-person or online interview in under 48 hours and we positively inform the applicants exactly under 48 hours again about the selection or otherwise.


Level Field

We encourage minority, women and under-privileged members of the society who have the right skills to apply for our open positions and we commit to provide them a level playing field when it comes to their prospects of professional growth.


Our Enrichment Promise

If determination is the fuel for success, skills are the wing that will help you sour to the skies. Our dual focus on technical and life skills results in a non-stop cycle of training sessions, speaking opportunities, publishing project and social media exposure. We are passionate about imparting life skills training to our team members ranging from health and mental issues to managing personal finance and attaining spiritual peace without disrespecting any creed or background. NxN transforms its team members and prepare them for continued success.

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