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Pronto Apps!

Your business is fast – don’t let inefficiencies creep in. Think up what you like to have improved with the power of software and app in your hands. Our customer-friendly expert teams take pride in working with the customers to empower them for market dominance.

Contact us right now to discuss your corporate app idea and we will help you realize it right on your budget and delivery targets.

Migration to Cloud

We are cloud evangelists. We work in cloud natively for our own needs. It is our strong conviction that our target customer segment are best served with global Tier-1 cloud services. Our cloud migration and born-in-cloud consultancy services help our customers kiss good bye to cap-ex and tie their costs with proven revenues. Contact us today to see how your next project can be realized in record short time, zero cap-ex and highest reliability.

Full Ownership

NxN customers own 100% of their software, so you'll never pay subscription or royalty fees. Want to add another feature or more users? No problem; you have all the control.

Full Flexibility

With a custom-built Syberry solution, you can do whatever you want whenever you want with your product. That means your software can grow and change with your business, not the other way around.

Competitive Advantages

Unlike ``off-the-shelf`` software, a custom-built NxN solution can boost your company's performance and be a valuable IP asset, two strong competitive advantages.

Technology Independent

NxN is a technology-agnostic company. In other words, we don't sell or promote specific technologies, so we're 100% focused on our customers. We pick the right stack for your unique business needs and goals.

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